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सिरेमिक फायर वेल्डिंग कंबल

Ceramic Fire Welding Blanket
सिरेमिक फायर वेल्डिंग कंबल
मूल्य और मात्रा
  • स्क्वायर मीटर/स्क्वायर मीटर
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  • स्क्वायर मीटर/स्क्वायर मीटर
उत्पाद की विशेषताएं
  • वेल्डिंग से गर्मी सुरक्षा
  • भारी चिंगारी, स्पैटर, स्लैग और हल्के पिघले हुए धातु से सुरक्षा
  • वेल्डिंग स्पार्क संरक्षण
  • भूरा
  • 30mtr x 1mtr x 3 मिमी यार्ड
  • 1260 सेल्सियस (oC)
  • 1500 जीएसएम (जीएम/2)
  • वेल्डिंग कंबल
  • 30 मीटर (m)
  • जूट
    उत्पाद वर्णन

    Reckoned by the industry, we are involved in offering a wide array of Ceramic Fire Welding Blanket to our valuable customers. This blanket consists of a ceramic fiber cloth which is placed over fire in order to smother it. Our offered blankets are generally ideal for applications in industrial situations or laboratory. These blankets are checked on various parameters to ensure quality and flawlessness. Clients can avail this Ceramic Fire Welding Blanket from us at very reasonable prices.

    Features of Ceramic Fire Welding Blanket  :

    • Provide thermal protection
    • Flame retardant
    • Seamless finish

    Application of Ceramic Fire Welding Blanket

    Require heat safety from welding, heat-treating, flack, molten etc.? Welding blankets act as a shield which gives protection from spatter, sparks and slags originated by metal or welding cutting applications. These are widely used in several segments which includes construction, oil plants, shipbuilding, automotive parts, flammable chemicals and many more.


    • We also offer customization of the blankets with velcro or clips and eyelets which are available in many sizes and treatments as per the client's end.
    • Guidance of fabrics selection:The kind of fabrics ascertain where it is perfectly find the applications.
    • Light job welding blankets (130Z to 180Z) : These are generally used for safety motives like light sparks, welding and minimum spatter.
    • Medium functional welding blankets (200Z to 300Z) : These type of blankets are normally used for light slag, heavier welding, spatter, sparked.
    • Heavy duty welding blankets (320Z to 500Z): This range is predominantly used in case of possibility of molter metal and heavy spatter, sparks, slags.

    Difference between coated welding blankets and uncoated welding blankets:

    Coated fabrics are stiffer which allow slag and spatter to reel off more simply. These also offer much better burn and abrasion via resistance. Whereas, uncoated fabrics are more easier and flexible to arrange and wrap over objects.

    Technical Specifications

    Code No.

    Item Description





    Type: HP/CVS

    Ceramic fiber with SS wire and Vermiculite coating





    Size: 1 mtr x 30 mtr/roll
    Application: Fire/Welding blankets/Curtain and Insulation

    व्यापार सूचना
    • चंद्रमा
    • 1000 प्रति दिन
    • 1-2 दिन
    • Yes
    • नमूना लागत, शिपिंग और करों का भुगतान खरीदार द्वारा किया जाना है
    • पाली बैग
    • ऑल इंडिया
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